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There are some new wines from Dominio del Águila: a superb single vineyard, Peñas Aladas, from the 2010 vintage; and also a white which, for now, is not part of the Ribera del Duero appellation, as the appellation does not (yet) contemplate white wines, but might do so in the future.

The non-rosé 'claret' clearly improves with time in bottle, so don't get fooled into thinking you should consume it ASAP. Put the bottles aside for a couple of years and you'll be in for a treat!

As for the reds, they are quite oaky as they had to start from scratch and buy all of their barrels new, and I think the oak will show better as it integrates into the wines. The barrels they buy are world class and so are their vineyards, but sometimes the shallow soils and the skin deep limestone mother rock can provide for some grainy, dry tannins that require a long and slow polishing, which means a long time in barrel. But I've walked their vineyards and if there is fruit that can take the oak treatment that we're talking about, it's certainly that of the very old, dry-farmed, bush vines they work. These reds are designed for the long haul, and I'm very confident time in bottle will render the oak imperceptible and the wines will mature to be classic Ribera del Duero examples, among the best produced in the region.

Quality is on the way up. This is certainly the most exciting new project in Ribera del Duero and I have the feeling the best is yet to come. A name to keep in your radar screens if you're interested in the appellation.

THE WINE ADVOCATE ROBERT PARKER : Rating 92+ By Luis Gutiérrez Issue 28th Feb 2017
I also tasted the 2015 Pícaro Tinto, which should be released sometime in the spring of 2017. 2015 is a warmer year than 2014, and all the vineyards selected for this cuvée are north-facing, which is the cooler exposition, ideal to compensate the heat of the year. The élevage was a little shorter than in previous vintages to try to avoid a strong effect in the wine. The wine is still in the fruit-driven phase, it's juicy and it has some tannins and the seriousness of the limestone soils, a little riper than the Reserva, without the same length. This is usually produced with grapes from vineyards on soils with a little more clay, where the wine is more forward and there's better ripeness and less austerity. Their barrels are aging and the effect is a lot less noticeable than when the barrels were new. This is a fresh interpretation of 2015. I wish more Crianzas from Ribera del Duero had this joviality and approachability while keeping the balance and the serious quality profile. I'd say this is a real triumph over the vintage, at the same (or even a little better) quality level than the 2014. This has all the ingredients to be a commercial success. 14,300 bottles and some 200 magnums produced.

Dominio del Águila went straight to the top quality of Ribera del Duero, and their wines improve each year. The 2013 Reserva is a strong candidate for the wine of the vintage in Ribera del Duero, if it wasn't for a new bottling they are going to release.

No white was produced in 2013, no Peñas Aladas was bottled in 2011 either, and the 2012 will take time to be released. But there is a new single vineyard Canta la Perdiz that was bottled in 2011 and 2012, but in tiny quantities; the first commercial release is 2013. This new 2013 Canta la Perdiz has to be the wine of the vintage, as it was a challenging and heterogeneous year. Bravo!

As a side note, I had the luck to drink the 2010 Peñas Aladas Gran Reserva at Can Roca three days before submitting these notes and I was blown away by the wine (and I was not the only one!). I might have been too stingy with my 96-point score...

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