Got by ... Gratias

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WijnhuisBodegas Gratias - Albacete (Bio)
TypeRode wijn
Volume0.75 L


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- ...gratias got 2015. new arrival! this is a new wine, made  with old 100% bobal grapes from the freshest plots, trying to keep the fresh fruit and vivacity of the variety. Aged in its lees in big and small vassels (anfora) during 5 months. Got means in valencian language "glass". It´s a tribute to the ancient winemaking and winedrinking.

Bodegas Gratias - Albacete (Bio)

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Ana, Ivan and Jose, are partners in our company TresGe Wine Consulting. After many years being the winemakers of other wineries, we decided to make our own wines ...gratias wines, in which we can express our concerns and our oenological experiences, but...

...gratias is born as a gratitude to all those people who have helped us in our enological lives: family, friends, partners, teachers, masters... from whom we keep highly important and valuable memories.

Everything began during a friends get together, when we made a barrel of red wine with Ivan´s father grapes, that came from an old vineyard from his hometown (Alborea, Manchuela, Spain). Although wines made with the native red grape bobal, have always been considered as bulk wines, we want to demonstrate that high quality wines can be made with bobal grapes, not only young wines, but also premium wines, and above all, rosé wines, in which bobal expresses all its fruitiness and freshness.

In this, our most personal project, we aim to make an ethical wine, this means for us, a wine which is cultivated, made and sold with respect, honesty, fair trade, happiness and hope of all those people who work with us and those who will drink it.

For all these reasons, we are recuperating old vines in order to prevent them from being ripped out for not being profitable and recovering viticulturists who come back to their roots and lands. Following the concepts of bio and biodynamic schemes, we define the terroirs depending on the winegrower, because if soil, variety and climate are important key factors, then we think that human input is vital, that´s why we talk about Paco´s Terroir, Pepe´s Terroir, Sergio´s Terroir...

At last but not least, during winemaking, artisanal and natural concepts are our philosophy, that´s why we avoid as long as we can the use of additives and a reduced use of sulfur.

...gratias everyone for making true our dream.

...wines that make people feel good...

...always bobal 100%...

why ...gratias?


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