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Het Portugese wijnenhuis JULIA KEMPER uit Dão geeft de distributie voor België aan Leirovins. De wijnen zijn beschikbaar vanaf eind oktober 2017

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Fred Loimer zu 100% biodynamisch

Biodynamik ist kein Marketing-Gag für Fred Loimer, sondern Lebenshaltung und -aufgabe. Innerhalb eines Jahrzehntes hat der Langenloiser Winzer seinen Betrieb nach und nach auf biologisch-dynamischen Landbau umgestellt. Anfangs wurde er belächelt. Heute zählt Loimer zu den erfahrensten Biodynamikern des Landes und zu den wichtigsten Vertretern einer Entwicklung, die aus der Geschichte des internationalen Weinbaus nicht mehr wegzudenken ist. Loimer war auch eines der ersten Mitglieder der „Respekt“-Gruppe. 

Während die Weine aus den Einzellagen schon seit einigen Jahren voll biodynamisch produziert wurden, waren der Grüne Veltliner Langenlois und der Riesling Langenlois bisher noch "in Umstellung". Mit dem Jahrgang 2014, der nun in den Verkauf kommt, haben auch diese beiden Weine der Weingutsserie die Umstellung abgeschlossen. Somit entsprechen nun sämtliche Weine der Weingutsserie den strengen Vorgaben der Zertifizierung von Respekt.

"Für mich haben die biodynamischen Weine noch mehr Terroirausdruck und eine spannende Salzigkeit. Allerdings ist das Wichtigste für mich, dass wir auch nach vielen Jahrzehnten des Weinbaus unseren Kindern gesunde und vitale Böden hinterlassen können, mit Rebstöcken, die bis ins hohe Alter widerstandsfähig sind. Noch nie hat mir der Weinbau mehr Freude bereitet als jetzt“, freut sich Fred Loimer über die nunmehr vollständige Biodynamik in seinem großen Betrieb.

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Harvest Update Austria 2013

Premium Estates of Austria

Premium Estates of Austria


Dear Peter!

Harvest is now in full swing here in Austria and we are all very positive as far as the quality of the grapes is concerned. However, due to enormous change from heat and cold during the flowering process, there were considerable fertilization problems - coulure - especially with the flagship variety, Grüner Veltliner.

At the beginning of September, the botrytis pressure rose. Therefore, some preselection of the grapes was necessary. Due to rather cool temperatures, though, the rise in fungi spread has been reduced and weather forecasts are now looking good - we are hoping for a harvest that will finish with a regular and satisfactory crop.

Here are some exciting news from our growers:



Premium Estates Grand Tour 2013




For the very first time, Premium Estates of Austria invited 20 clients from 10 different nations to deepen their knowledge on our estates, our vineyards, wines and families.

They spent 4 beautiful days together and were able to fully grasp the sense of place of our estates as well as the craftsmanship behind our wines & spirits. All of them seemed to be highly impressed by the work we do. Oscar Malek, head sommelier of Relais & Châteaux hotel Chewton Glen in the UK, was one of our guests. After the Grand Tour, he created quite possibly the most extensive selection of Premium Estates wines in the world with over 70 positions from our producers on his list! Proof to us that he seemed to enjoy the quality and diversity we can provide!




Alois Goelles




Alois and his team are working in a three-shift operation as they are facing a record crop this year. Great amounts of apples, plums and other wonderful fruit have been picked every day and process to what will become a fine brandy or an exquisite vinegar. The weather forecast has been stable although it a little chill came through recently, but that is not a big problem, actually quite the opposite, retaining the fine aroma of the fruit.

Looking at this picture the taste of a good glass of Maschansker might appear in your head.




Gernot Heinrich



Gernot and Heike have good reasons to be optimistic as far as the harvest is concerned. The Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch grapes at the Leithaberg vineyards are looking promising and show already their potential in bringing real good qualities again. Atypical for this year is a combination of low pHs with full ripeness levels - this should result in wines with lots of freshness and texture. Most of the Leithaberg grapes still have time to get a little bit more sunshine. On the other side of the lake Neusiedl, close-by the winery where the Pannonian sun shines brighter and the soils are a touch richer, harvest has been in full swing for a while now. Most of the grapes from the Gols side are already in the cellar.




Fred Loimer




Aside from harvesting in Gumpoldskirchen and Langenlois, Fred is always one of the leaders in converting ideas and making them happen. Here is one of his latest:

Restaurant „Kadeau" comes to Langenlois - Denmark goes Austria

„Kadeau" is one of the hippest restaurants within Europe. Awarded with one Michelin star, chef Nicolai Norregaard and Rasmus Kofoed served 7 outstanding and unique courses which were paired with Loimer specialities as well as rare, international counterparts selected by Fred and Andreas Wickhoff MW. All in all, an unforgettable evening for the guests at the beginning of September in Langenlois .




Also, the creative team has been very active at the Loimer estate. Chardonnay/Pinot Gris/Pinot Blanc finally has a new name. May we present "Am Manhartsberg" to you! From vintage 2012 onwards, the Burgundy-driven blend will be sold under this synonym.




Willi Sattler




After several years of biological-organic cultivation in the Pfarrweingarten monopole site, Willi Sattler decided to move over to biologic-dynamic farming for all of his vineyards. In the process of being certified by Lacon, the vintage 2013 will be the first official one in conversion.

Maria and Willi Sattler, known to be really open-minded and let their sons and daughter gradually take over, installed a true generation statement in their vineyards. They built up 4 chapels in their best vineyards - one for each child. This is not only a wonderful story as well as "art in nature" but also something that will last for centuries.




Fritz Wieninger




Fritz is always on the run. After a successful trip to the US in late August, he has since been working hard in the vineyards, preparing everything for the harvest but was also welcoming a lot of guests at his new winery, sharing glasses of wine from his Nussberg and Bisamberg vineyards with them.

For all friends of Fritz' Chardonnays - here are some good news: The new vintages of Chardonnay Select (2012) and Chardonnay Grand Select (2011) are available as of now.







The latest issues of the Wine Enthusiast brought some outstanding ratings for our estates:

Gernot Heinrich:


Leithaberg DAC Blaufränkisch 2010

92 pts

Pannobile 2010

92 pts

Blaufränkisch 2011

89 pts

Fred Loimer:


Lenz Riesling 2011

91 pts

Kamptal DAC Grüner Veltliner 2011

90 pts

Schellmann by Fred Loimer:


In Gumpoldskirchen 2011

92 pts



Sernauberg Erste Lage Sauvignon Blanc 2011

92 pts

Kranachberg Grosse Lage Sauvignon Blanc 2010

91 pts

Fritz Wieninger:


Nussberg Alte Reben Wiener Gemischter Satz 2012

93 pts

Wiener Gemischter Satz 2012

91 pts




We are very happy to announce the winner of our last newsletter contest.

For how many years is the Schnapps stored in wooden barrels before it becomes an "old" eg. apple or plum?
a) 2 years
b) 5 years
c) 7 years

The correct answer is 7 years.

The winner of one overnight for 2 persons in the Genusshotel Riegersburg is Mr. Jan Spener (Meadows s.r.o.) from Slovakia! Congratulations!!! We will get in touch with you shortly.

Don't forget that several reserve wines from our producers have just been released! Please contact us regarding availability and exact release dates!

Have a wonderful autumn (or spring if you are in Down Under or surroundings)!


The Premium Estates - Team



Premium Estates of Austria

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Nieuw : Gernot Heinrich Dorflagen Pinot Noir 2012




Gernot, our terroir purist, is always focusing on how to show sense of place at its best. The Leithaberg vineyards give him the perfect possibility to create wines the way he wants them to be. Don't miss to taste the white wine selection, some astonishing juice from these easterly faced vineyards on Neusiedlersee's western shore has been made.



Additionally, there are also some exciting red wine news: our Dorflagen Pinot Noir 2012 will be launched by May 21st.

The vines for this affordable Pinot are 10 to 15 years old, and grow in our vineyards in Gols; these are managed according to bio-dynamic principles. A part is from the gravelly Goldberg site, which lies on the meager Parndorfer Platte. The other part is from the slope of the Salzberg, a southwesterly facing vineyard site with sand and loam soils, and just a stone's throw away from our winery. Through these vineyards, the wine reflects an origin and character that are completely different from those of our Pinot Noir from the Leithaberg.


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