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BODEGAS CORISCA - Galicia Rias Baixas (Bio)

BODEGAS CORISCA - Galicia Rias Baixas (Bio)

Land: Spanje
Regio: Galicia Rias Baixas

Bodegas Corisca is placed in the subzone of the county of Tea, which is in the D.O. Rias Baixas. Our small winery, is pioneer on the elaboration of an ecologic albariño, being our production limited by our own vine yards, 4 hectares currently, of albariño grape. We are the second generation of a viticultural family tradition, we joined our efforts to create our winery in 2009, we inherited the passion and love towards our vine yards, furthermore we are interested in cultivating responsibly and in a sustainable way for the environment. Our wine conversion process at our winery is very simple, due to our belief in the ecological minimum intervention. This means that in our winery we want to make the minimal interventions, always oriented to extract the maximum potential that the grapes have before the process starts. The fermentation is spontaneous and natural, with natural yeasts. A temperature control is made, we relocate the wine in another barrel and then the wine is aged with its fine lees for three or four months. The wine is shifted to another barrel again before bottling, which is not done until May. We let it age in the bottle for another month, and its ready for thetasting.

We are pioneers in the recovery of ecolgic agriculture practices in our apellation of origin Rias Baixas, in the care and conservation of our own echo-terroir, who provides the exclusivity of our wines.

Our vineyards are treated carefully, without using chemicals and herbicides, we only use natural fertilizers when the vine requires it.

Our vineyards are in bower system, avoiding moisture and improving aeration and the ripening.

Our strains of more than 35 years old, are kept in a traditional way: in pruning, in tying it with bimbio, in the care with the vegetable plants, in restore the microbial life in the surface layer of the soil, in reward the quality of the grapes on the amount...



Wijnjaar: 2016
Regio: Galicia Rias Baixas
Type: Witte wijn
Druif: , Albariño.

This great wine Albariño 100% ecological, combines in a unique way land, climate and the autochthonous variety which gives rise to our exceptional "terroir"Corisca, is a wine which conveys the ...

Prijs (vanaf 6 flessen): € 18,00 / fles

Eenheidsprijs: € 21,78

Volume: 0.75 L