Domaine De Bois d'Yver - Chablis

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Chablis, one of the best known names world wide, owes its popularity to the unique character of the chardonnay vines in the Chablis soil.

It is this strong specificity, which is expressed by our Chablis.

Soil-friendly cultivation methods and rigorous pruning enable the vine to give of its best in a natural way. Growing the wine in steel vats allow the soil to express itself.

All these elements combine to create these great wines.

Its envelope is bright, almost crystalline. Chablis can be drunk when young, the year following the harvest. The pleasure begins with the aromas of the fruit, and a hint of almond. The mineral character intensifies the taste.

Domaine de Bois d'Yver Thomas Pico - Chablis (bio)

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Frankrijk(Land)Bourgogne - Chablis(Regio)

The first wines created by Georges Pico, DOMAINE PICO - RACE, were produced from vines planted by the grandfather, Gilbert Race, on the sunny slopes of Courgis.

Most of these vines, some of which are now more than 50 years old, are massales selections.

Next, the DOMAINE DE BOIS D'YVER was created, for which most of the vines were planted by Georges Pico himself. The average age of these vines is 28 years.

Thanks to the use of cutting edge technology allied with unquestionable expertise in wine making, the wines of G. Pico enjoy a worldwide reputation.

The Premier Cru Beauregard is a good example of the work of this impassioned enthusiast and his wines have won several awards in France and abroad.

With the wines of young Thomas Pico (25 years old), the third generation has arrived.

He is the guiding force behind DOMAINE PATTES LOUP. Thomas plants his own vines and recovers some of the old vines of his grandfather, using only organic growing practices. These natural, quality wines are produced with respect for the land and traditions. All the vines of the Domaines Pico-Race and Bois d'Yver are now also cultivated using organic methods. The dynamic continues...


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